Subversion through Puppies: Resolution #2

High school was the only time I’ve ever cared about football.  And I only cared because I was in the marching band.  Yet, despite sitting in the stand for four yeas, the only thing I ever figured out about the game was that if the ball went across the line or through the big posts then I had to play the fight song.

Now I’m in college, my own academic lala-land, and football isn’t exactly on my radar (my college is tiny and our football team isn’t the greatest).  Yet, despite living under a rock when it comes to sports, I couldn’t escape the hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl.  As you may guess by my use of the word “hoopla”, I viewed all the commotion surrounding the big game with the soul of a grumpy old man who is real tired of all these youngsters and their shenanigans.

I’ve never had anything explicitly against football or all the fanfare that goes with it.  But for some reason, these past few weeks I’ve been hyper-aware of just how irksome I find the whole spectacle.  Specifically, I take issue with the pervasive violence in football culture.  From the actual violence of the game, to the animals who are violently killed to feed spectators,  the whole thing just became too much for me.

So, in my own way, I decided to resist the culture of violence, and had a celebration of my own on game day.  And, in my mind, logically cute puppies are the best way to show resistance to a game that celebrates violent masculinity.

Puppy Bowl Party

Yes, the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet was my chosen form of protest this past Sunday.  Instead of tuning in to watch people hitting each other and commercials celebrating the consumption of animal carcasses, I watched puppies frolic.  I disregarded all the articles and blog posts claiming that chicken wings are a must for a Super Bowl party, and instead made a Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Cheesecake (vegan or course), and served chips and hummus.  So,  while most of America was cheering on Beyonce (in her python and iguana skin outfit, I might add) my guests and I stuffed our faces while watching puppies being fowled for “excessive cuteness”.

This leads me to my second resolution of the year: participate in my existing communities, and create new communities.

Because, at the end of the day, events like the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl are about one thing: bringing people together.  So I resolve to participate more, so that I can enjoy all the wonderful, talented people around me and learn from them.

And also because when you get together with other people, they show you youtube videos of cute puppies that you’ve never seen before; and who doesn’t want that? ;)



Want to read more about the Puppy Bowl?  Here’s a great article about the making-of!


Hi all,

Sorry it’s been so long.

I’ve been reading a lot about vegan/food/animal/media things as I’m crafting my thesis.  I’ll be sharing some of that stuff as it comes together.

But until then, here’s some interesting things to ponder.

  • What’s my first instinct when a bird flies into my window?  Not to eat it that’s for sure; but that’s what this guy in Texas did.
  • Do you ever wish that you could marry food?  Well cookies and chai married each other in this new recipe from Post Punk Kitchen; I’ve probably made them four times now since the recipe was posted two weeks ago.  They’re pretty much the pinnacle of cookie perfection.
  • Ever wanted to get a text message from a cow’s vagina?  Nope.  Me neither.  But this farmer in Switzerland thought it would be a good idea.
  • None of my grandparents were vegetarian, or Buddhist for that matter, but this guy chose to honor his grandmother by being vegetarian for a month.
  • Ever wonder what sort of progress is being made in animal law?  Well the Humane Society wrote this handy little piece about the 10 most important state laws made for animals in 2012 so far.
  • Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ve probably apologized to someone at some point for your diet, because it was either making them uncomfortable or because it was an inconvenience at a dinner party.  Well maybe it’s time we stopped apologizing for our compassion.

And if all this doesn’t satisfy your desire for veggie/animal/weird news, you can check out my Tumblr for more vegan musings, as well as nerd-tastic posts, and ubiquitous pictures of cute animals.


Odds and Ends

I’m not dead!  Just incredibly busy trying to keep afloat during the last month of school before summer!

I’ve actually started a few real, thoughtful posts.  However, my brain is mush at the moment, so I’ve been unable to sort them into anything publishable.   In the mean time, here are some interesting vegan articles that I’ve read when I’ve had free time in between going to class and preparing for class.

I always like reading about celebrity vegans– especially the lovely Mayim Bialik, aka Amy from The Big Bang Theory.

Woody Harrelson was great in the Hunger Games as Haymitch, and he shared his recipe for vegan brownies with VegNews.  However, in true Woody fashion, these are adult vegan brownies.

Another funny celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, also talked about her vegan journey in this article from the Washington Post.

On a more serious note, Burger King is actually headed in the right direction, pledging to only buy cage-free pork and eggs…..eventually.  I guess it’s a start.

Most importantly, let’s talk about cheeze!  Specifically, how can we make it more delicious?  I totally want to be a food scientist and get to taste test all the cheeze!

Actually…I bet there’s a lot of money in that…hm, something to look into after graduation :)